Blockchain & Crypto Advertising

Accelerating ideas to help build the future

So your Facebook and Instagram ads got banned. Can I give it a try? I would like to play with it and see if I can get them approved. If I don’t succeed, you don’t have to pay. If I do, we’ll have a quick call and i’ll tell you what I have done, what I have learned and what the bottleneck was.

This is sharp. Creative and lean digital marketing for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects.
So far I have delivered for Deko.Network, Stream.Token, Kora.Network, Daily Crypto Basket, Dispatch Labs and Blockport. Also feel free to contact me when you need help with the development of social content and/or advertising strategies for your blockchain initiative.

How it works:

Let me get you through the Facebook ad ban

First let’s hop on a call so we can have a chat about your objectives.

Provide me access to your Facebook Business Manager

I need about €50 ad budget to spend

Please provide copy and art when available

I will get 3 or 4 different ads up and running

Prize: €500,- (ad spend not included)

No cure, no pay

When the ads have run an entire day and the ad budget has been spend successfully, we discuss the learnings

Need your crypto ad campaign up and running?

Drop me a line anytime, and I will respond to you as soon as possible